If you are qualified, we can provide all the collateral you need!

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We lend highly rated Securities in the format of an SBLC or BG to back up your Credit Line enabling Liquidity and Project Finance. If you are qualified, we can provide all the collateral you need, and you pay against delivery and verification!

We provide valid andfully checkable genuine financial collateral (in the form of an SBLC or BG) without front fees for clients of substance, starting an additional project or business for which collateral is required until the project represents sufficient collateral by itself.

Securities borrowing and lending explained in a typical scenario. A client asks his bank for a loan. The banker is supportive and would like to help. The bank requests (additional) collateral to grant the loan and for the client to trigger liquidity.

We provide such highly rated collateral for an agreed period of time (350 days at a time, with the possibility to renew) through a 365 day valid Prime Bank Stanby Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee, fully cash backed, divisible and assignable, emitted on the basis of highly rated securities purchased for you and materialized through a Securities Borrowing and Lending transaction.

The consent from the client’s receiving bank is essential.  If the client’s bank would issue or endorse any of the 4 conditional payment methods ICPO, Promissory Note, conditional SWIFT MT103, conditional DLC SWIFT MT 700, but not provide a confirmation for the safe return of the collateral after the agreed term, then we can still help if optionally the client insures the risk before the transaction is started and the collateral is provided via SWIFT MT760.

Download the Terms Sheet and Procedures for Qualified Clients here.

Download the Business Support Contract to start your transaction here.

Procedure of a Securities Borrowing and Lending Transaction for qualified clients

  • Business Support Contract (BSC) signed by client to arrange emission of the SBLC as to the following steps. If the client is not fully qualifed, then the steps as described under “Read more” apply and have to be followed.

For your transaction highly rated Securities will have to be reserved and purchased. To enable this process, a call option has to be placed on financial markets. For any qualified client, we are prepared to advance this on behalf of a client of substance. You may need to place the Euro 30,000 retainer/call option fee if you are not fully qualified and if your business cannot evidence to be of substance and is well established since years:

If your company does not evidence an established active commercial or financial business and you do not have audited accounts

If your audited accounts and annual revenues for the past fiscal years, do not equal to the face value (or more) of the guarantee instrument that is requested

If audit was not performed or is endorsed by a major and internationally recognized firm

THIS IS A NO FRONT FEE TRANSACTON The instrument lending fee is paid by your receiving bank only once the SBLC or BG has been delivered to the receiving bank via SWIFT MT760 and has been verified upon receipt. Not before. If a BORROWER proves to be of substance (see above), and through relevant audited accounts, the INSTRUMENT RESERVATION FEE (as to PARAGRAPH 6.03 of the Business Support Contract) is being advanced and paid by the FACILITATOR for the BORROWER. This makes this facility an absolutely no front fee transaction for any qualified BORROWER. If you are a client of substance, then you can skip this part and hit “READ LESS”. If not, then these steps of the procedure apply:

  • The facilitator’s invoice for the refundable retainer / call option fees in the amount of Euro 30,000 is transmitted to the client (you) and the clients transfers the retainer / call option fees or arranges a new bank account, in a new bank, and arranges a relevant and acceptable bank undertaking.
  • Upon receipt of the refundable retainer, (or the arrangements as described HERE ), the contract is considered accepted and validated and the Facilitator countersigns the BSC.
Read more
  • Facilitator arranges the Securities Borrowing and Lending Agreement within 5 days
  • The client has 20 days to arrange the conditional payment undertaking for the lending fees and transmit it as to instructions of the Securities Borrowing and Lending Agreement
  • Once the conditional payment instrument is received, both bank start communication for the delivery of the instrument SWIFT MT760
  • SBLC is emitted and sent to the client’s receiving bank accordingly
  • Following receipt and verification, the payment of the lending fee is released.

Download the full step by step explanation PDF of the procedures here to read offline!


We prefer to work with qualified clients. Chances to materialize a transaction can be very high. If a client is not of substance, chances are high that there is a lot of work for all parties involved and in the end, no result. If you would like to discuss options and possibilities you could be qualified for and an immediate transaction, please use the reply form, or call 00353 86 03 25 153. This number also works on Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram and WeChat.


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