Not satisfied with the results of your own Project Funding activities?

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Should you not be satisfied with your past own results in your attempt to get funded, then you can always change your plans and hire professional external help. You will be responsible to pay the costs that occurre, and most important, the professional consulting time that is provided by professionals while working on your project funding. All professionals, accountants, tax advisors, lawyers and certified financial advisors work this way. If you seek any kind of professional service, you will always have to pay all the actual costs and place a relevant retainer before the service is provided.


A structured project funding model minimizes advance payments since it does not consider payments for actual manpower. This is paid once you are successfully funded. Usually half of the estimated costs that will occur are made available in instalments as these costs actually happen over several months. This model requires only a relatively small retainer down payment to organize the process and get required procedures in place, and usually five low monthly instalments to enable activities as they are required.

Syndicated Project Funding is a work intensive, but effective way of getting also difficult projects financed within the shortest possible time, usually the goal should be achieved within just 6 months or less.

The incentive is that all parties will get compensated for their professional work once you are funded and the success commission is paid on the basis that you decide for which is the offer with terms you are ready to accept. A success oriented model based on mutual activities and cooperation to assure truly professional work and best terms for you within the shortest possible time.


In such a model, you will see ongoing progress since you will be involved. Funding will depend to a great extend on yourself. The suggested process guarantees to produce results in the allocation of interested financing partners for your project. An investment decision will however primarily depend upon trust and confidence you will be able to generate, evidence and establish directly with investors and funders that will be introduced. Potential investors and funders will make their decision to fund your project greatly dependent upon your person. The concept can bring you these people, but a final investment decision will greatly depend upon your acceptability as a professional.


The service will be provided by a facilitator, the investor he represents, and a team of co-workers and a Senior Professional who will be in charge of the project.


The facilitator avails this Structured Project Funding model on the basis that they will bring a first investor to the table to act as Lead Investor in your project right from day one. This greatly helps to attract other funders. You will have a first potential investor right away and the availability of these initial investment funds are evidenced whenever needed and as it will be described in the Mandate. Since structured project finance is a syndicated underwriting model, these cash funds (up to 10%) will be set aside for your transaction, and be available to you once at least 90% have been underwritten by Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Investors and Senior Lenders to become funding partner in this structured project finance model.

Just think of all the activities that you have undertaken so far and the results you have been able to achieve over months and possibly over years of trying yourself.

With Structured Project Finance you are offered a great opportunity based on a number of unique advantages, with one of them being the instant availability of a Lead Investor.

If you have enough of just trying, then you should consider getting help of professionals. You have this opportunity right now. See how you can get professional help HERE