(4) Collateral for an agreed period of time

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The SBLC or Bank guarantee is valid for 365 days and can be renewed on an annual basis for up to 5 years. Through this instrument, we lend valid and fully verifiable collateral to you. The instrument can back up your credit line as it represents valid fully cash backed financial collateral. The instrument that you receive comes with an absolutely clean verbiage, as a fully cash backed bank instrument that is divisible and can be assigned to any third party in line with standard terms of a Securities Borrowing and Lending Agreement.

During the agreed upon lending period, which is 350 dys, you are free to use the instrument in any legal way together with your own bank, or in back-to-back transactions, to issue your own instruments to trade platforms, commodity, crude oil and gas traders to secure longer term contracts or to send your own instrument to a monetizer. It is however not meant to be used as a default payment guarantee to pay for your unpaid debts obviously.