Why should a client be qualified to receive a multi million Euro bank guarantee instrument?

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The instrument that you probably seek should be valid and fully verifiable, correct? If an instrument is genuine it is equal to cash. After all, that is the purpose of a guarantee instrument.

So if you ask for the emission of an LC, DLC, BG or SBLC, you ask to receive cash equivalence just demonstrated in the form of a BG or SBLC instead of cash. You can easily find out if you ask your bank to issue any of these instruments for you. You will get it only – if you have at least equal cash value in your bank.

To sum up: If you ask anybody to provide you with a multi million Euro BG or SBLC, then it is the same as if you would ask a third party to give you millions in cash. If you would have millions yourself, would you give somebody millions simply on the basis of a DOA, a Deed of Agreement? Does a DOA make anybody qualified to receive millions or really secure the provider’s cash funds in case you would default?

This is why we first look at the potential client. Is he qualified to receive millions? Is the business of substance? Did the client establish his company and is he actively operating for years? Can he prove relevant revenues for the past years, personal and  or corporate?

If such basic evidence is not available, chances are very slim that a client can get any kind of support into the millions from anybody. This includes a BG and SBLC guarantee services.

In the end there are basically two types of transaction: One which involves qualified clients and a service provided by Prime Banks. These clients are in need of big funding requirements and have an excellent banking relation. For such potential clients we can generate and deliver, fully cash backed, divisible and assignable prime bank guarantee instruments like BGs and SBLCs. Truly qualified clients can pay all lending fees once the instrument is delivered and verified.

The second option is available if you do not qualify for a prime bank service, but require Credit Enhancement services. This may be available through “willing” private banks. If you are not qualified for a Prime Bank service, you need to have sufficient cash to benefit from Credit Enhancement instruments like LC and DLC, SBLC, BG, Bid- or Tender Bonds, RWA, POF and BCL, BF, CD or a Pre-Advice. Only clients with basic cash availability can enhance their finances this way and only if they place the arrangement fee directly into the issuing bank BEFORE any service is provided or a SWIFT is sent.

If a client suggests coming up with a Bank Comfort Letter instead of simply showing a screenshot of his current account bank statement or audited accounts, or is in need of a Pre-Advice in any form, this already is an indication that there might not be substance behind the inquiry.

We prefer to work with qualified clients. Chances to materialize a transaction can be very high. If a client is not of substance, chances are high that there is a lot of work for all parties involved and in the end, no result. If you would like to discuss any of these two options for an immediate business, please use the reply form, or call 00353860325153. This number also works on Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram and WeChat.

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