Credit Enhancement is a complex structured financial transaction. It requires strong knowledge and financial capacity of the guaranteeing institution.

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What is Credit Enhancement?

Credit Enhancement is known as a strategy for improving the credit risk profile of a business or of a structured financial transaction. Through Credit Enhancement smaller companies can access loans, start or build projects or trade products and commodities.

Why get Credit Enhancement?

In business, credit enhancement is usually applied to make a company more creditworthy and places any company in a better credit position. This reduces the cost of borrowing and enables finance. The gains outweigh the costs of financing by far.

Who requires Credit Enhancement?

Large corporations use Credit Enhancement to maximize profits on the strength of their financial background. Smaller companies generate (additional) revenues they could not generate without Credit Enhancement.

Who is the beneficiary and who benefits?

The beneficiary of a Credit Enhancement Instrument can be the client or the client’s own bank, an exporter, or a third party lender. The Client significantly benefits from the leverage effect.

What makes Credit Enhancement services structured by Elite Professionals unique?

Our Senior Professionals have decades of experience in global financial markets.

Experience: Our experienced team can simplify the process for our clients as they secure tailored and competitive terms on behalf of any client.

Relationships: Firm relationships established with Facilitators, Providers and Banks availing Credit Enhancement Instruments ensures that you can get a deal done securing favourable rates, terms & conditions without delays.

Trust: As Europe’s leading authority on Credit Enhancement we are a trusted and recognized and relied upon by clients throughout Europe and the rest of the world as we provide best terms and service to our global clientele.

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