Why should a client provide a Mandate and place a retainer to get a bank instrument and credit enhancement service?


Good question – easy to be answererd. I am in this business since over 40 years and my sources are genuine, but extremely limited. This is why I am very selective when it comes to clients and only work for qualified clients who stand a chance of getting a deal done. As for me, it obviously is not sourcing a provider, but a qualified client, who can stand a chance of being successfully served, and with this, will not waste my precious time.

I will only accept a client once I can see he stands a chance of qualifying for the service. I will have to be presented with this Mandate and a client’s confirmation evidencing that he is able and willing to place the retainer. Once this is available, I will perform an initial assessment of the client situation and only once I feel that the client stands a chance to be served through my sources, I will issue my retainer invoice. Once the client paid, and the retainer hits my account, I will start working on a deal.

Everybody who ever served a client seeking a service, clients do not get from their own bank learned this lesson and will understand my point of view.

When a client enters into this Mandate agreement with me to get this deal done, then we have a basis to work together andI guarantee to get the deal done onbest possible terms. The client will have to show his cooperation and be convinced that together we can do the best possible job.

Please remember, ultimately the client has to qualify and not me. The success of such a transaction does not only depend upon me providing the service, but the client being acceptable for the service. Therefore, I ask myself the question: “Why did the client not get the service from his own bank?” And the next one: “What can the client really prove to be qualified for a credit enhancement service?” Audited accounts and revenues somehow in relation of the credit enhancement that a client seeks is always a good indicator.

Dreamers who believe that they can get a bank instrument service simply because they can pay a small fee will still have to search the internet for a very long time to be served, and if they ever are, it will definitely not for free. People who do not get the service from their own bank should never be mistaken to believe that they will get a free ride on such a transaction from any valid source, can drop out of the deal whenever they feel like it and leave me with the work already performed and my time wasted. I love to work for a qualified client and produce the desired result for the client which obviously provides me with the agreed commission which actually should compensate me for my professional work.

Also the retainer shows me that the client can actually transfer money to a third country and the client and his transaction will get stuck because of local banking restrictions, or transfer restrictions.
To sum up: Once I have been assigned a Mandate from a QUALIFIED client, I will start working on his transaction AFTER placement of this small retainer which is more an appreciation and not a payment for the time that needs to be spent to actually get the deal done.

After Mandate and retainer, work starts and I will make contact with my providing banks and negotiate the best possible deal for a client with the sources I have built up over the past 40 years of professional work in the financial industry.

My Mandate comes with an irrevocable guarantee of service: With the “Mandate to arrange your Financial Instrument” the client is guaranteed the best possible price for the service that can be accessed.

When contracting with me, you are assured of the best professional service that can be available for you and your transaction. With the “Mandate to arrange your Financial Instrument” a client is always guaranteed the best price for the financial service that can be accessed. Should you as the Mandate Provider evidence a comparable valid lower priced firm commitment for providing the service, from another account holder at the bank for the same service, the Facilitator will repay the retainer, and immediately make a penalty payment of another Euro 5,000 to you, no questions asked. I make this offer since I am constantly on the search to improve my service possibilities!

But you have to commit yourself and place a Mandate with me. And only then my work starts for you and only then I can advise you which bank might be interested to serve a client with a specific credit enhancement.

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