(1) Fully checkable genuine financial collateral

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The instrument we issue will be sent to your receiving bank after both, the receiving and the issuing bank communicated with each other. Both banks will have a clear knowledge, understanding and all verification codes of the securities backing up the transaction. The instrument is emitted fully cash backed with the funds of the HNI investor who purchases these securities for your transaction with his cash investment funds.

After you have qualified for the emission of a Securities Borrowing and Lending Agreement to be issued to your benefit, to start the process of the emission of your bank instrument, the Facilitator, Lender or Securities Dealer will send a Corporate Pre-advice Invoice with all details of the Bank Instrument, Corporate Deed of Assignment, Bond Power, Euroclear, Bloomberg Printout and Security Card of the Stock Exchange market where the instrument is quoted. The Prospectus of the Issuing Program of the Instrument (if available) is to permit the designated Borrower’s Bank Officer to check and authenticate the availability of these securities accordingly.