Pennies can help you access valid BG or SBLC collateral – issued for you on the back of highly rated, verifiable and publicly listed Securities

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You are in contact with us, probably since the banks you deal with do not provide a bank guarantee service for you. If none of your own banks provides you with a bank guarantee in the millions for you to trigger a credit line, then this is for you. We can help, emit and access a valid and verifiable fully cash backed divisible and assignable bank instrument issued by a major world bank and send it to your own bank.

If it is your intention to use this instrument as collateral for an agreed upon lending term, you create a financial risk and a multi million Euro financial obligation. Buying securities for your transaction also requires a financial engagement of our investors. There is the risk involved through the emission up to the face value of an SBLC or a Bank Guarantee. You probably do not have the liquid funds to buy the securities, and you probably cannot account for such risks. You ask a third party, the issuer of the instrument, to carry exactly that risk.

Your aim is to receive a multi million Euro bank guarantee instrument. We can arrange this for you based on purchasing highly rated listed securities to materialize your transaction. These securities are purchased by our High Net Worth investors. On the back of these newly purchased securities, which you borrow from our investors, and our investors will lend for your transaction, we emit a valid Bank Guarantee or Stanby Letter of Credit for you.

The instrument that you seek is emitted on the basis of these securities which will be purchased for your transaction, and on the liquid cash our investors provide enabling the subsequent emission of your cash backed BG or SBLC.

The transaction procedure to issue a valid and verifiable bank guarantee instrument for you has several steps and there are two contracts involved. Everything starts by contracting directly with the Facilitator through the Business Support Contract.

If you are not a well established company with annual revenues in excess of the face value of the instrument that you seek, the Business Support Contract will be assessed for acceptability. If the Facilitator is prepared to accept you as a client, he will countersign the contract and issue an invoice for a “Fully Refundable Retainer” in the amount of thirty thousand Euros. This retainer is required to reserve and buy the underlaying securities for your transaction.

The receipt of the retainer will bring your transaction into the second stage in which the “SECURITIES BORROWING AND LENDING AGREEMENT” can be issued. Through this contract the process of buying specific securities for your SBLC emission and to lend these securities to you for the agreed upon term is initiated. These specific securities will initially have to be reserved for 20 days through a call option that is placed by any of the securities dealers the Facilitator will employ to work your transaction.

The Facilitator releases this fee as to the procedures and terms of the Business Support Contract for and on your behalf at the appropriate time. This fully refundable retainer assures that the securities dealer does not have to purchase securities for your transaction in the millions and be left with the securities and the transaction costs in case you would not be able to comply with your obligations to provide the conditional payment of your receiving bank within the following 20 days.

But let me be clear: A commitment fee of just thirty thousand Euros will not pay for the emission of a multi million Euro bank guarantee instrument for you. Only the conditional payment that you promise to provide through your receiving bank can do that. The commitment fee will just enable the next steps, the emission of the Securities Borrowing and Lending Agreement and to access this multi million Euro collateral service you ask us for.

Once you have committed yourself to the transaction, the securities will initially be reserved to be purchased for your transaction. If you have provided all required basic information through the Business Support Contract, compliance of the issuing bank will assess your file for AML regulations and perform Due Diligence. As a part of this process, they will check your customer risk profile to determine how likely they are going to be involved in activities that expose the issuing bank to risk. If you have not been hiding any eventual “issues” in your application and KYC documents, your transaction should pass compliance. This will also enable and start positive communication between the issuing bank and your receiving bank. The entire transaction is handled on a bank to bank basis.

The emission of a multimillion Euro SBLC or Bank Guarantee for you will depend on your capacity to provide the agreed conditional payment instrument from your receiving bank. Please remember, this has to be provided within the agreed period of 20 days after signing the Securities Borrowing and Lending Agreement, the second contract, and the reservation of the securities for the emission of the SBLC through your financial commitment for that.

I trust that I have been able to provide you with a clearer view of the risks involved, risks the facilitator will carry for qualified clients and how a really small commitment fee can help

• enable the emission process of a multi million Euro financial instrument
• sent to your collateral benefit
• for the agreed upon period of time
• to your receiving bank.

Please remember that the commitment fee will have to be placed only if a client does not run a substantial business with annual revenues in excess of the required bank instrument face value. Also if you are not such a qualified client, we can help. But in that case, you will have to provide a small Commitment Fee. If you would like to discuss any of these options for your immediate business, please use the reply form, or call 00353860325153 This number also works on Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram and WeChat.


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