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Our “proven-way-to-success” terms guarantee a successful closing!

If you need funds, you first ask your own bank, obviously. Banks are in the business to lend money. But they lend money only to creditworthy clients who can back up a loan with relevant collateral. So to obtain a credit line, you will most certainly first talk to your own bank. If they are not willing to lend you money, you will probably search for another bank, or try to find a private lender.

If you seek a bank instrument which you want to send to a third party, you will also ask your own bank first. What will they tell you if you seek a bank guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit of significant value? You will have to come up and deposit with them cash funds or cash equivalent collateral in the same amount of the bank instrument that you want them to issue, or you have to deposit an even higher value. You have to be qualified to be granted and access either a credit line, or you have to have sufficient cash collateral already in the bank to get an instrument issued.

If in both situations your bank or any other bank that you may know did not avail the service that you seek, what makes you believe that you can get the service from us, or even dictate your terms on us?

You cannot walk into a bank and expect to receive a loan or bank instrument under your own terms. Banks work on their own terms and if you need the loan or the service, you are the one who will have to comply with the terms of the bank. Sorry to say, but “he who has the money makes the rules!”

If you do not get the service from your own bank, providing a credit line, a Standby Letter of Credit, a Bank Guarantee or any kind of a Letter of Credit for your benefit, this becomes a very risky business for any provider already in the first place. The banks did already their assessment and you did not qualify. How can you seriously ask for a financial (guarantee) service, a provider to issue an instrument for you, carry the risks you may create (your own bank is not ready to take), and on top of that, try to dictate your terms upon us.

If you want a professional service from us, even if your own bank does not provide the service to you, all your ingenious financial plans and scenarios can be considered, if you convince us and follow our rules. If your own bank does not support you we may be able to help, but don’t expect us to change our proven route to a successful closing and please do not gamble with our time and financial resources.

We may support you with our financial resources and instrument services if you qualify and if you can evidence that you run an established business with substantial annual revenues in excess of the financial instrument service that you seek. If you can’t, then you may be able to compensate lack of background, past performance and financial capacity by placing a commitment fee, if we can accept you as a client in the first place and you are ready to follow our rules and can accept our terms and conditions.

If you are not qualified, how can you lease a car or rent a house? You cannot tell an airline to fly you to your destination and tell them on what terms they will have to do this for you. You will have to be an acceptable passenger and you will need to comply with the airline’s terms before you can board an airplane.

The same scenario is applicable to any credit enhancement transaction that we can structure for you on our “proven-way-to-success” terms. We may be able to help you, even though your own bank does not. So do not ask us to change our procedures and terms to help if your own bank refuses to provide this service to you. Our “proven-way-to-success” terms guarantee a successful closing!

Download and see the only acceptable terms and conditions HERE.

If you are ready for a transaction and can follow OUR TERMS, then you should visit this page and schedule a call using the reply form.

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