Why there is a Reservation Call Option Fee requirement?

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A client will have to have a complete understanding of the transaction basics and know how we generate genuine instruments.


This transaction and service is available to firmly committed and serious clients. To get a client a valid collateral instrument, our investor has to buy publicly listed ISIN identified securities on the stock market for a transaction in the face value equal to the Bank Instrument (BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) a client may require. If a client is not 100% qualified, or has not yet received the required conditional payment instrument and the required consent (to the transaction) from his own bank, no investor would engage in buying the required underlying securities to start a client’s transaction obviously.


This is why there is a Reservation Call Option Fee requirement and these steps will have to be followed:


  1. Business Support Contract is completed, assessed and preliminary acceptance is advised
  2. Reservation Call Option Fee is made available
  3. Securities are selected and reserved to issue the Securities Borrowing and Lending Agreement
  4. The Securities Borrowing and Lending Agreement can be issued and sent to the client
  5. With this, the client will be given full identification details and ISIN of the Securities that will be reserved to be purchased to back up the SBLC or BG, have it issued and sent to the client’s bank
  6. Client will have 20 days to get his bank’s payment confirmation and consent to the transaction. For these 20 days the securities will remain reserved under the call option.
  7. Once the client’s bank confirms to be ready, it communicates with the issuing bank to have the guarantee collateral instrument issued and sent by SWIFT MT760


The Reservation Call Option Fee will physically have to be paid on the stock exchange.

This is either by the Facilitator (advanced for any qualified client) or by the client into the Facilitator’s account (if the client is not fully qualified) so that the Facilitator can advance and pay the Reservation Call Option on the client’s behalf.


If you would like to discuss options and possibilities you could be qualified for and an immediate transaction, please use the reply form, or call 00353 86 03 25 153. This number also works on Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram and WeChat.



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