So you are qualified to receive a loan or borrow a bank instrument?

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So you are qualified to receive a loan or borrow a bank instrument?


When you seek credit support, is your first concern about the size of eventual advance fees? Do you want to avail a loan, or borrow a financial instrument and you don’t want to pay anything in advance?


You believe that you are qualified for credit support, but if so, why doesn’t your own bank give you the guarantee instrument you seek or the loan that you need? Do you believe that only banks in your country provide this service if you have the same amount of cash (of the required guarantee) in your account – which you do not. Do you really believe this is a special problem of your home country? Unfortunately, this is not true. You can try all major financial centers around the globe. All over the world you will get a loan or a bank guarantee issued for you only if you have a proper background, are truly qualified, passed proper due diligence and have sufficient collateral or funs on account.


An important indicator to see if a company is qualified for credit enhancement services is the size of the company and its financial background, present and past dealings. If you do not have collateral or the financial support of your own bank, you may have good reasons to explain setbacks, like the Covid19 crises and other reasons. But banks see this more like a poor explanation for a client’s inability to qualify for credit support. The client’s own bank obviously considers the client a too big of a risk to provide the service.


“If your own bank does not lend you the money, or issue a guarantee instrument for you, how can you expect the same service from a third party, who has never dealt with you or knows you like your own bank? How can you expect the service from a third party, possibly even on the same terms that you would have expected from your own bank, who possibly already declined to provide you with the financial service?”


And what about Start-Up projects or companies that cannot evidence relevant financial accounts but are seeking millions? They obviously do not have the support of their own bank but require investments (which the bank would possibly provide against collateral). Any investor, or bank would ask “Has the applicant ever performed and built a similar (size) project successfully?” If your answer is that top specialist with a great history will build this project. They all are coming from world leading companies and have built even bigger projects.


If any great performer will be the applicant for credit enhancement support, chances are that you can get funded. If however the actual applicant is not one of these people with the great track record, accessing credit enhancement becomes very difficult. If the people with the track record are just building the project and will not take financial responsibility in respect to the funds that should be made available for a Start-up to pay them for their service, then financial support is not available from banks.


Capital Support can be provided for no financial record companies or for Start-ups, but only if the new business is as exciting as any of the unique Googles, amazons or Facebooks or if they have at least very similar market disruptive potential. For anybody else only down to earth credit enhancement scenarios can only be arranged if the applicant has sufficient cash to pay for the arrangements.


“10X is a good figure. You want to access 10 million, you will have to have at least 1 million in cash available before effective arrangements can be made.”


We can structure and arrange any matching guarantee solution that might do the trick, however only for down to earth applicants with suitable background and relevant financial base. Our time is valuable, and we take risks your own bank would not agree to take for you.


If you have already been turned down by your own bank, ask yourself why they did not serve you – before you request the same service from us, and possibly even on your terms!


We prefer to work with qualified clients with good banking relation to leverage a client’s financial possibilities. Chances to materialize a transaction can be very high if your company is already of substance and you want to extend your immediate investment capacity. If you would like to discuss any of these options, please use the reply form, or call 00353860325153. This number also works on Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram, BOTIM and WeChat.


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