Secure your Commission online! Complete this form and get your Commission Confirmation here!

Anybody wishing to work with us can secure commission online right here. This is for transactions with any of your clients or intermediaries you want to introduce to secure your Online Commission Confirmation. Do not enter anybody you are not already engaged in an active relationship, and make sure that you have the permission to communicate by email and phone with this contact of yours.

Only when requesting an Online Commission Confirmation for the first time, enter your own details under "Introduce your active contacts here" and in the section "Commission should be secured for me". Make sure that you enter your email address correctly in the section "Commission should be secured for me". Our system identifies you by your correct email address.

Introduce your active contacts here:

Once you hit the "Submit" button, your entry is recorded online and your commission is secured. On the last day of the month, you can request an updated printout of all the contacts you have submitted, are active and assigned to your Online Commission Confirmation account. Once you hit the "Submit" button you will be redirected to this page to enter more contacts. When you are finished with your entries, just hit this link to go to the main page of our website. You can always come back and add more until you have reached your permitted limit.

If you want to enter more than 10 contacts at a time, please email and request assistance for EASY-IMPORT.