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As a Professional you can work with us on a case-by-case basis. If you are an Accountant, Auditor, Financial Planner, Lawyer, the owner of an Insurance Agency, or if you are an Investment Manager, a certified Management- and or Business Consultant then you can work with us whenever you have a client in need of Prime Bank Guarantee Collateral.

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You too can possibly qualify to work with our team of Authorized Collateral Advisors. Secure an official appointment, the required documentation to advise on Prime Bank Guarantee Collateral exclusively showing your name and contact details, 90-day professional training, regular insider information and secure your commission on up to 250 of your active contacts!

Qualify and work together with our Senior Elite Professionals. Join a global team of Advisors. Apply and secure your official appointment, get the 90-day Prime Bank Guarantee Collateral service training, insider information and online commission confirmation for up to 1000 of your active contacts. You will have your own free website, our documentation showing only your contact details, and you will have your own  personal professional monthly email sending program enabling you to regularly stay in touch with your potential clients without having to send a single email yourself!

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