Secure your Commission right here!  This will irrevocably secure your rights to receive a commission for transactions with any of the potential clients or intermediaries you introduce! We now enable instant Commission Confirmation online and this service is open to anybody qualified to work with us. Download this Summary!


If you are already Officially Appointed. This Online Commission Confirmation works for you 250 times if you have been Appointed as Authorized Collateral Advisor, or 1000 times if you have qualified to be one of our Senior Elite Professionals.

If you have not been officially appointment yet. Our Online Commission Confirmation also works if you have no official appointment yet. In that case you are permitted to enter up to 25 of your active contacts into the database to secure your commission on a potential transaction, no matter if you introduce a potential client, or a potential intermediary wishing to start working with us.

Secure commission on any of your active Clients and Intermediary contracts. Once you entered the required details into the system, your commission will be secured instantly if you entered a valid potential client of yours or an intermediary you are actively working with.

This is a one level Commission Confirmation. The commission confirmation will be valid for one deal with the actual client and it is valid for 365 days if a transaction with that contact (client or intermediary) materializes during that time. Upon a successful transaction, the commission confirmation will also renew for another year.

Verification of Commission Confirmation. Once a month you can request a updated list of all your contacts that are presently covered under the Commission Confirmation arrangements free of charge.