Do you have an established business and want to start a project and require a loan for your business?


You obviously will talk to your bank and since they know you, they probably like to work with you. But to extend a loan, they ask for collateral which you might not have.

I can show you how you can borrow collateral!

Through me, you can find an investor who is willing to lend you cash collateral. But the investor wants to make sure that he is paid a lending fee and that your bank will return the collateral on loan unencumbered.

In the next step you will have to ask your bank to consent to the transaction and to the conditional payment allowing you to borrow securities. If they agree, you will choose specific collateral from a list of highly rated publicly listed securities for this transaction which I will make available to qualified clients and you will sign a Securities Borrowing and Lending Agreement.

The investor places a Call Option to buy these securities after you have committed to the transaction and you paid a small reservation fee. Then the investor provides his Pro-Forma Invoice with full details of the securities that will back up your Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit for your receiving bank to verify.

Within the next 20 days, your bank sends the agreed conditional payment to the investor. The investor in return sends a fully cash backed Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit which is issued on the back of the agreed securities.

The receiving bank pays the lending fee after verification of the BG or SBLC.

You now have the required collateral and can draw cash to start your project. 15 days prior of the maturity date of the BG or SBLC you can ask for an extension for another year, or returns the Securities backed BG or SBLC to the investor