Credit Enhancement and Guarantees


Pre-Financing Guarantee Funding is based on a corporate guarantee service available for qualified ventures with a low budget. This is a credit enhancement strategy, which can help you materialize your profitable ideas and can lift a business to the next level.

This concept requires low front fees and is providing a corporate guarantee service against providing equity shares in a company. A Family Office avails a corporate guarantee to help you in the Start-Up Phase and can be a strong partner once your ideas become a successful business.

How is this achieved?
The Family Office aims to identify extraordinary opportunities with exceptional growth potential. The corporate guarantee can serve as a substitute for other forms of collateral which you might not have access to in your early stage. This strategy can make all the difference and help your great ideas to take wings and fly.

What is your gain?
The Family Office provides this corporate guarantee and initially becomes shareholder to test your professional qualifications to build an extremely profitable business. If their engagement and strong financial commitment enables credit enhancement to your venture to access funds and credit lines and advance into the next stage, they will also engage with cash investments and further guarantees as your venture grows. This service is available if it will provide you with the means to raise funds from your own bank, other investors and suppliers to grow and advance your project into the next stage, like from Start-up to Growth stage, to Expansion- or to Maturity stage.