Does your own banker ask for a collateral “PRE-ADVICE”?

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Your banker would provide you with funding if you came up with collateral? Would he be happy to help if you could receive financial collateral on loan in the form of ISIN identified, highly rated, publicly listed, and traded Securities, possibly even in face value of 200% or even more of the loan amount that you seek from your bank?


We can lend you all the collateral that you need, also if you would not be qualified as to banking standards to receive a loan into the millions. Even if you are not qualified, we can avail to you the possibility to start your securities borrowing transaction by placing just a small commitment fee of Euro 30,000 to secure your multi million Euros transaction on the stock exchange secondary market. We pre advise to your bank the securities that are reserved and will be purchased for your transaction. We clearly identify the Stocks, MTNs or Bonds which will be assigned and lent to you for your transaction and delivered to your bank, as collateral to your exclusive benefit. At your request, the financial collateral will be in the form of a fully Cash Backed Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit in line with ICC 600 URDG 758 as to the standard rules of the International Chamber of Commerce.


The Pre-Advice

Our “PRE-ADVICE” will clearly identify the securities backing up your transaction, provide all the details to verify, a corporate deed of assignment, Bond Power if requested, Bloomberg printout, security card of the stock exchange market where the instrument is quoted, prospectus of the issuing program of the bank if available. This will enable your banker to check and authenticate the financial collateral which is committed to be purchased for your transaction and which will be delivered to your bank against conditional payment of the borrowing and lending fees. These financial instruments can be checked online on Euroclear, ClearStream and the Bloomberg systems.


Conditional Payment Options

During the following 20 days you can make the arrangements for the conditional payment of the borrowing and lending fees. You are given 4 different easy options for that purpose: A Conditional Irrevocable Pay Order (ICPO) which must be endorsed by your bank, a conditional payment SWIFT MT103, a Conditional Documentary Credit which must be sent by SWIFT MT 700 from your own bank, or an Unconditional Promissory Note which must be endorsed by your receiving bank enabling a deferred payment of the lending fees of up to 180 days! Any of these can be acceptable and approved by the Facilitator.


Receiving the Collateral

Once you have the conditional payment in place, the Facilitator and your bank will communicate with each other in any way that is appropriate to agree on the return of the instrument and to finetune the delivery of the collateral via SWIFT MT760 to your bank.


Returning the Collateral

You will have the unrestricted use of the collateral as to the terms of our contract and you will return the collateral after 350 days or extend the service for another one-year period. This one-year collateral service can be repeated for a term of up to 5 years in total. And all this is guaranteed at the same favorable terms as agreed for the initial borrowing period.


We prefer to work with qualified clients with good banking relation to leverage a client’s financial possibilities. Chances to materialize a transaction can be very high if your company is already of substance and you want to extend your immediate investment capacity. If you would like to discuss any of these options, please use the reply form, or call 00353860325153. This number also works on Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram, BOTIM and WeChat.


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