This website describes all the available services in full detail.

Please study this website and the material you can download very careful before raising questions.

This website is built to answer all eventual questions and provide all the terms and documents required, and explanations that you may need to place an application.

Project Funding and Loans

I can help funding a project or a loan by providing the financial tools, the services as described on this website. These financial services are available to you only if they will help you get your project funded, or a loan from your bank. You will have to familiarize yourself with these unique services and clear eventual issues to materialize your project or loan funding with your bank or banking relations. If you do not have a relevant and good banking relation that will support you, my services can not be made available to you.

Your questions are welcome!

If you have questions that are not covered on this website, or in the documents you can download, feel free to email me together with proof of your financial capacity to engage. I will provide you with my explanation and an email reply once you have evidenced your financial capacity to engage into one of these transactions. I will also call you once I am in receipt of your valid Application or Mandate. No front fee deals are available for people with relevant financial substance and audited accounts for the past years, and individuals with a professional background, but never to newcomers who need education, or start-ups.

I am gladly available by phone once you have scheduled a call!

If you are an existing client, I am always available by phone. With the heavy work load I have with these improved unique financial services my professional time is extremely limited. My services are available to potential clients of substance and therefore stand a chance to materialize any of the transactions I described.

This is how you can Schedule a Call

If you need to talk to me before your submission, please schedule a call. To schedule a call, download this form and follow the instructions.

A client will have to have a basic financial capacity to profit from any of these outstanding services. To start any kind of personal communication, you will have to FIRST evidence your financial capacity in the email to schedule a call with me.

Here is how you have to evidence your immediate financial capacity.

Financial Service Advance Payment You have to prove your Capacity
Non Repayment Loan none Bank Statement USD/ Euro 100 million in cash
Bank Guarantee and SBLC backed by Cash and Securities Euro 25,000 after contract and to start a transaction Capacity for a conditional payment guarantee by your bank (confirmed) to you of 10% of face value SBLC/BG
Corporate Guarantees Euro 12,500 to start a transaction Euro 25,000 in cash on account (bank statement screenshot)
Credit Enhancement Instruments Euro 5,000 in advance Cash of 5% of face value of the instrument you seek evidenced through your current bank statement screenshot)
TIR1 HYP/PPP Trading none Bank Statement USD/EURO 100 million in cash

Without such evidence, I will not be able to work on any request, or accept a call, or answer questions you may have, or deal with a transaction submission.

Educating potential Clients and Brokers

I do educate newcomers and talk to brokers without proof of substance once you have paid and deposited a Euro 250 retainer for my professional services via PayPal into my account. This sum will be fully credited towards a future deal. To make a telephone appointment, suggest the preferred time to talk and provide your email address linked to your PayPal account and I will send you a money request for the retainer. This will give you up to 1 hour of professional advice.

Working with Brokers, Consultants and Intermediaries

I do authorize qualified Collateral Advisors in certain countries or territories, but I do not appoint agents or issue any kind of authorization letters. You can download the Authorized Collateral Advisors Application Form here. I gladly work closely with professionals in the financial industry for the mutual success of a transaction. I will make the arrangements to safeguard an exceptional commission payment upon a successful transaction. A confirmation will be issued to the intermediary once an acceptable transaction is submitted. If you need anything else, you will have to ask your client for such a confirmation.

Working with new providers

I am always interested in new and improved financial services to always offer my clients the very latest and finest service in the industry. If you want to provide services to me and my clients, then I need to be provided with convincing evidence of a most recent transaction from A to Z, which I will consider and review on a confidential basis. We can do all that during a Whatsapp video call in which you show such evidence. I do not engage with any new provider / source without such proof of a most recent transaction.

If you do not read or speak English, or cannot download or open attachments, please get a professional translator or a secretary to help you with such tasks.

Please note: None of my terms and procedures are negotiable.