Borrowing and Lending of Securities

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You now can borrow listed and highly rated securities for your credit enhancement. Obviously, this is not the usual broker deal with a Deed of Agreement that will never turn out. As an appointed Intake Officer for the Syndicate of Securities Dealers I can introduce you to a concept that can provide you with a genuine, fully checkable Standby Letter of Credit or a Bank Guarantee which your bank will gladly accept – backed by valid securities!

• Here is the Deal! You order a bank instrument (SBLC or BG) for Euro 15 million up to Euro 1 billion backed by highly rated securities.
• The Provider (a Securities Dealer) will buy a Security on the Secondary Market for your transaction in the respective amount.
• On the back of the Security he issues a fully cash backed Bank Guarantee or a Standby Letter of Credit and sends it to your bank for your beneficial use.
• Your bank pays only the service fee for the use of the instrument for one year.
• After one year your bank guarantees to return the instrument unencumbered or you renew the service which can be for up to 4 more years.

The concept is based on highly rated securities traded on the Secondary Market (live instruments with unique Securities Identification Numbers) which are purchased for a specific transaction and the beneficial use of the instrument is made available to qualified borrowers in the form of an assignment through a Standby Letter of Credit or a Bank Guarantee. So the SBLC or BG will be considered fully cash backed. It is backed up by a very specific highly rated live security instrument especially purchased by the Lender for your specific transaction.

If you want to avail a valid bank instrument on a verifiable and secure basis for your credit enhancement, then you will first have to read through and study the transaction and its background very carefully. This is a very serious and real transaction method to help if you are in need of credit enhancement with genuine financial instruments in form of a Standby Letter of Credit or a Bank Guarantee backed up by real cash backed assets listed on the secondary market and with a very high rating. If you seek a genuine service: Here you have it! To start the process of accessing a genuine SBLC or BG, you will have to familiarize yourself with the concept. A quick summary can be downloaded HERE.