A Pre-Advice can help you get your transaction started.

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A Pre-Advice can help you get your transaction started.

The main objective of t A Pre-Advice message sent from one bank to another is to reconfirm all the details of a financial transaction.


In letters of credit, at the request of an applicant, the issuing bank may give a pre-advice of issuance and/or amendment of the letter of credit. A pre-advice is usually marked with a reference such as “full details to follow”. Unless otherwise stated, the pre-advice irrevocably commits the issuing bank to issue/amend the credit in a manner consistent with the said pre-advice. A pre-advice message is a message sent between two banks that are involved in a transaction to ensure the safety of the wire transfers when large sums of money are involved. It is issued by one bank to another bank notifying the issuance of documentary credit and advising receiving bank to sends their acknowledgement. The advising bank will also notify the beneficiary without opening advice of credit thus enabling the seller to reconfirm to process the buyer’s order.


A ‘Pre-Advice’ is a message sent by the Provider’s bank advising of the anticipated assignment of a bank instrument to your client(s) account(s). The Pre-Advice should be clear and concise, and provide the following information relating to each incoming payment:


Customer Name and Account Number
Currency and Amount
Value Date
Name of Remitting Entity
Name of Remitting Bank


The Purpose of a Pre-Advice

The Pre-Advice of incoming assignment allows to optimize its aggregate funding requirements and maximize returns on long balances, as well as to meet regulatory requirements governing accounts in some jurisdictions. This, in turn, allows your client’s bank to offer competitive interest conditions on accounts by taking advantage of optimum market liquidity, as well as providing further tangible benefits to client.


Benefits of Pre-Advising

The customer bank will match our Pre-Advice of incoming funds with the payment message received from the remitting banks. This facilitates the posting of incoming funds to your account(s). Receipt of a Pre-Advice message, in advance of the instrument cut-off time, will ensure that good value is applied to incoming instrument.


The client bank function is able to manage its liquidity position more effectively and, as a consequence, is able to maximize its return on funds, which is reflected in the competitive interest conditions offered.


Here are some other Credit Enhancement tools. Basically these are financial instruments which may come in these formats and are usually advised on a bank-to-bank basis, like L/C and DLC – Letter of Credit and Documentary Letter of Credit, SBLC – Standby Letters of Credit, BG – Bank Guarantee, Bid or Tender Bond, RWA – Ready, Willing, Able confirmation, POF Proof of Funds and BCL Bank Comfort Letter, BF– Blocked Funds, CD –Certificate of Deposit, Pre-Advice via bank to bank SWIFT. 


You can start a transaction using the application form you can download here!

Chances to materialize a transaction can be very high if the borrower’s company is of substance. If you would like to discuss this further, please use the reply form, or call 00353860325153. This number also works on Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram and WeChat.






Banks must have a balance between the assets they hold or have in custody and the credit lines to customers. This relationship has become increasingly stringent over the past decade. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank raises again fears of new financial crisis. Despite authorities' efforts to limit the impact of bank's failure, investors fear a spillover. Banks have many illiquid assets that do not allow them the necessary maneuverability to open lines of credit. For this reason, banks are looking for liquid collateral that can counterbalance the relationship between assets/loans, allowing banks the ability to operate within central bank regulations. 

NOTE: We make available to our contracted clients guidelines to successfully structure project finance with the help of third-party collateral and Prime Bank Guarantees. It is widely read by private sector investors and lenders who intend to make project finance deals.


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