You may be qualified for this USD 100M or a larger transaction

Your project can be anywhere globally where not restricted by US Federal Reserve or Sanctions
You need to have cash funds, or a fully cash backed Instrument of USD 100 M or more
Your confirmation has to come from an acceptable Top 100 world bank to back up your loan
It has to be confirmed and advised via SWIFT MT799 followed by SWIFT MT760
You will have to undergo due diligence scrutiny and show an acceptable credit history to be accepted

If you use Third Party Funds to turn Debt into Equity, your funds provider will have to provide his CIS and will have to undergo due diligence to be accepted to provide funds to your benefit for this financial structure.

Loan Funds you never have to pay back! Turning Debt into Equity.

Structured Self Liquidating Loan Program
With this structured product you can have loan funds that you never will have to pay back since this structured financial product does that for you.
This structured product turns the cash loan funds that you receive into equity for you!

How this structure works

This structure is made possible through top financial Experts operating at highest level in the banking sector, through very specialized know how, and more than 40 years of experience in the financial service industry, and by applying latest financial engineering techniques.

Experts set up a financial structure turning debt (from a loan you will receive) into equity for you and your project. You do not have any advance payments, you do not pay any interests and on top of all this, you do not have to repay a cent! Loan funds become your equity in your project.

You get your loan paid out in 6 monthly instalments as your project progresses and to instantly start building your project. The structure pays back the loan in the following six months at which time Debt turns to Equity for you. Everything and all aspects of this financial product are handled by the Trust for you. All you will have to contribute is your qualified guarantee to back up your loan until Debt turns to Equity and you also received back your guarantee free of any liens and completely unencumbered. All guaranteed – by the Trust!

About the Trust
The Trust is registered and regulated in the United States and operates on the high standards of Swiss laws

• The Trust handles all the details as outlined and agreed through a Trust Agreement.
• The Trust receives the guarantee instrument to your benefit and with the Trust's full responsibility
• The Trust guarantees 6 monthly instalments to be paid in cash to you as your project advances
• The Trust and this structure assures you that you do not have to repay the loan funds, but turn to equity for you.
• On top of all that, the Trust also guarantees the safe return of the financial instrument.

Why pay interest and repay loan funds when this specialized financial structure can make all of these redundant?