During the rest of the month of March, and for companies of substance, we avail a completely new facility enabling delivery of an fully cash backed SBLC or BG on extremely favourable and supportive terms.

1. A very low borrowing and lending fee is individually agreed, depending upon the client's financial situation
2. Payment of the fees required only against delivery and verification of the SWIFT MT760
3. There is an option for payment of the fee deferred up to 180 days, if the client is supported by any of his banks
4. Arrangements can be agreed which assure that the receiving bank will not obrain any information about internal contractual arrangements.

If you have an immediate transaction on these terms, you can schedule an immediate call here.



A transaction is considered and dealt with only once you evidence the immediate cash availability and your ability to pay at least for the required Euro 30,000 Reservation Fee to start the transaction. Please EMAIL relevant convincing evidence to schedule a phone call. This  cab be a bank confirmation or a screenshot of your USD or Euro currency account. Without this, I cannot schedule, or accept calls.