Elite Securities Division can turn your financial products into Investment Grade Assets. We have the unique ability to structure and emit an Investment Grade Security based on any of your financial strategies, or bankable and non-bankable assets, genuine and fully Swiss compliant and certified by the assignment of an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN).


Elite Securities Division enables institutional clients to buy and sell financial products, raise and avail funding and manage trading risks. Elite Securities transacts exclusively through registered and licensed security dealers, to facilitate clients transactions in fixed income, equity and others.


Through its licensed partners, Elite Securities utilizes markets on all major stock, options and futures exchanges, has access to equity teams to transact in stocks and other equity-related products, including convertible securities, options and futures, financing and securities lending for institutional investors.


Fixed Income and Currency Teams transact in a variety of assets, including interest rate products, government bonds, treasury bills and other highly liquid instruments, credit products, mortgages and currencies.